who we are

In Pursuit of Satisfied Customers

"Any chance we have to come through for people, understand their needs, and give them peace of mind is an opportunity to deliver on our promise."

Dick Wardlow Insurance Brokers was formed to build an agency that stays true to the commitment that responsibility, dedication and service is the backbone of our industry. The fulfillment of our promise to our clients - understanding and anticipating client needs are fundamental elements in providing sound insurance solutions.

Our team must make sure that our products, pricing, and services are well suited to provide our clients a successful insurance program now and into the future. We intend to go the extra step for our clients. Our concern for our clients' well being is considered a big responsibility. We know that our insurance expertise is sorely needed by our clients. The pride taken from the loyalty of our clients is most rewarding. Overall, our agency can be relied upon to perform value added insurance service for the business client. This includes satisfying their needs for professional advice and service in respect to their commercial and personal lines exposure.

It is our commitment at Dick Wardlow Insurance Brokers that each client gets more than what they bargained for. Value Added Service, it has to be that way because Dick Wardlow has his name on it.

Message from the Founder

More clients are sticking with us in these economic times. And, there's good reason for it. We at Dick Wardlow Insurance Brokers have a deep appreciation for and dedication to serving our family of policy holders, including personal and business policy clients, agents and their teams, and our service-focused employees. Backed by a decisive and trust culture, Dick Wardlow Insurance Brokers continues to grow and outperform the industry year after year.

Retention of our existing family of insureds and profitable growth has been our mainstay since 1965 And, we expect the pace of growth to continue in years to come as we implement powerful value-added strategies.

We continue to grow because of our daily commitment to personal communication, underwriting excellence and innovation, including the recent addition of several new business processes and systems. Independent recognition of our customer satisfaction testifies to our key competitive edge, the caring of skilled individuals striving to achieve the highest levels of service performance.

Our success to date is due largely to a single key factor: trusted, reliable and lasting relationships. Any chance we have to come through for people, understand and meet their needs, and give them peace of mind is an opportunity to deliver on our promise.

Our goal: to more fully respond to the human needs and concerns of current and future policy holders by implementing a strategy that goes beyond insurance coverage and its price. Our proposition is to create outstanding 'value' for all of our clients by providing greater benefits, risk-mitigation support, and more value for their premium dollar. We are dedicated to achieving a continuous relationship with our clients beyond what they expect from their insurance broker.

Dick Wardlow Insurance Brokers' employees are committed to customer satisfaction. What is particularly unique about their dedication to this goal is the level of focus they devote to it, day in and day out.

One reason for their motivation is that they are part of a performance-based culture composed of many capable individuals who enjoy helping others.

To be on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game. If you treat people with respect and kindness, you will get the same back in return.

Dick Wardlow, CPCU

Commitment to Excellence

Sometimes the ability to deliver satisfaction beyond expectation requires the sensitivity to understand what it's like to be in the customer's shoes. In claims cases, we are dealing with people who are emotional about what they just experienced. How we interact with them makes a big difference. So we try to give people the same understanding and consideration we would like if we were in the same situation.

We treat our customers the same way we expect to be treated when we call a business to resolve an issue. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

That's our way - great service behind the scenes.

Truly excellent service requires extending ourselves beyond what seems possible at the moment.

I believe that showing respect to others brings respect to our agency. The way we do our job leaves an impression. But our attitude also impacts how people view our agency. A positive interaction tells customers that they made the right choice when they decided to do business with our agency.

All deeds count - small or large, visible or behind the scenes.

Our dedicated service personnel are devoted to clent satisfaction. The result is superior customer service.

Exceptional Service is Noticed and Appreciated

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. The friendly, professional follow through we so proudly provide, is at the heart of our commitment to our customer.

Our agency represents the top insurance companies in the West. We offer expert knowledge and exceptional service. When our clients recommend us as to who to trust and best satisfy their needs, Dick Wardlow Insurance Brokers steps up to provide the best support in the business.

Clients can count on customer support for uncompromising quality that exceeds expectations. Because customer satisfaction is our goal, everyone wins - our clients and this agency. As important as underwriters are at the beginning of the process, the key to any insurance company's reputation is the level of performance at the claims end of the service.

Dick Wardlow, CPCU